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Homemade & Hygenic Food Thali

Food Thali in Jalandhar

If you are looking for food thali in Jalandhar, you are in the best place here.

Introducing HM Box Tiffin Service – your solution for delicious and authentic Food Thali in Jalandhar! Our Food Thali is a traditional Indian meal with a variety of dishes served on a platter, which is perfect for those looking for a complete and satisfying meal.

food thali in jalandhar

At HM Box Tiffin Service, we take pride in offering a wide variety of dishes on our Food Thali menu. Our Food Thali combines traditional Indian dishes such as Dal, Sabzi, Rice, Roti, Papad, and a sweet dish. We also offer different options for different days of the week.

Our Food Thali is made with only the freshest ingredients and prepared with care to ensure that every bite is flavorful. We use authentic Indian spices and slow-cook our dishes to perfection, ensuring each dish has its unique taste and aroma.

We understand that everyone has different dietary needs, so we offer a range of options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as options for those with specific dietary restrictions.

Experience the taste of traditional India with HM Box Tiffin Service. Order your Food Thali today and taste the difference!

“Get a taste of traditional India with HM Box Tiffin Service’s Food Thali in Jalandhar. A perfect combination of Dal, Sabzi, Rice, Roti, Papad, and a sweet dish, it’s a complete and satisfying meal.”